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Winter, 2007

A Newsletter for Book Clubs


We're thrilled to offer another terrific book giveaway for your book club. Send us an e-mail by April 10, and your group will be entered in a drawing to win copies of Jane Guill's NECTAR FROM A STONE.

Check out book recommendations from clubs around the country. And feel free to recommend a book from your club.

We're launching a new BOOK BYTES feature, Beyond the Meeting, where readers can share their book club ideas, insights, and inspiration. This month, you can read about a San Francisco book group's fantastic field trips - paired with the books they discuss. Please take a moment to tell us if your group has come up with a terrific way to select books, and we'll share your ideas in our next newsletter. Have you found the perfect method for choosing books - or one that works well enough? Please write to us with your thoughts.

We're excited about our new book, THE KIDS' BOOK CLUB BOOK which will be published in May. THE KIDS' BOOK CLUB BOOK is chock full of reading ideas, recipes, activities, and tips for kids' book clubs. We look forward to sending you an announcement this spring when the book is released.

Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp

Reading suggestions from book clubs

Moms Reading of Wakefield, Massachusetts recommend:
ALL SOULS: A FAMILY STORY FROM SOUTHIE by Michael Patrick Macdonald (Beacon Press, 1999), Nonfiction, 266 pages

"ALL SOULS is the true story of an Irish family in Boston, Massachusetts. The author was one of six children. There was no father in the house and the mother was not the perfect picture of motherhood. However, there was a strong bond between the mother and this son, and in our discussion, we explored our bonds with our own children. Our group members live about twenty minutes outside of Boston and many of us are Irish, so we could relate to this book on many levels. The book described growing up in the city, with issues such as the Irish mafia and bussing, and members recalled these incidents. Those who were too young to remember, really enjoyed what everyone else shared. The bottom line was that this was an interesting story that we all related to. The fact that it was true was the icing on the cake.”

Paired with: A menu based on the colors of the Irish flag: ricotta pie (white), sweet potato casserole (orange), and broccoli salad (green).

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to win books for each member of your book club

We'd like to hear from you! Send us an e-mail by April 10 and we'll enter your name in a contest to win free copies of Jane Guill's NECTAR FROM A STONE. This authentically detailed historical adventure lures the reader with elements of passion, intrigue, and the supernatural as it tells the story of a clairvoyant young widow who makes her way across post-Plague 14th century Wales to escape retribution for murdering her mad husband. (Limit: 15 copies per group)

To enter the drawing, send us a message with "ENTER DRAWING" in the subject line. Also include your name, the name of your book club, and the city and state where your book club meets. The winning book club will be drawn randomly. Please submit just one entry for each book club. You're welcome to enter each month!



Congratulations to the Ladies Book Club of Janesville, Wisconsin, the winners of the fall book club contest. Each member of the group received a copy of Jenna Blum's novel, THOSE WHO SAVE US. The group will enjoy a chat about the novel with Jenna Blum this winter.

to join your book club discussion

Our directory of authors ready to chat with your book club on the phone continues to grow. We're pleased to welcome Anna Monardo, author of FALLING IN LOVE WITH NATASSIA, and Penelope Holt, author of THE PAINTER'S GIFT to the program. To browse our complete list of authors and their books, click on the link below. You can also download our INVITE AN AUTHOR flier, which makes it easy to share details of the program with your book club. Once you've decided which author(s) you'd like to invite, contact the author(s) directly through our website and arrange a date to speak with them. We hope you'll give it a try!

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